Rosswood Park

Located in the beautiful Talladega Mountains of Alabama, USA, this gorgeous park is home to some of the prettiest trails and best campgrounds on the Eastern Coast!

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UPDATE 5/23/92 : Our visitor center has recieved a remodel!! Come take a look and meet our friendly staff! Follow map directions on trails and roads.


At Rosswood, we require all attendees to follow a simple set of rules to maintain the park and environment.

1. Respect the environment.

2. Don't leave campfires unattended.

3. Pick up your trash.

4. Do not enter prohibited areas.

5. Do not wander off trails.

6. If you're camping, do not leave your tent / RV after 10pm.

7. Do not desecrate the preserved Native American exhibits.

8. Be respectful!

We want Rosswood Park to be enjoyable for everyone!
The last thing we want to do get rid of a beloved part of Rosswood because of someone being inconsiderate,
so we ask you to adhere to these simple rules.

Every park attendee has to sign a waiver to camp in Rosswood. Find that here.