Rosswood Park

Located in the beautiful Talladega Mountains of Alabama, USA, this gorgeous park is home to some of the prettiest trails and best campgrounds on the Eastern Coast!

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UPDATE 5/23/92 : Our visitor center has recieved a remodel!! Come take a look and meet our friendly staff! Follow map directions on trails and roads.

Accessibility at Rosswood

We at Rosswood Park pride ourselves on being the most accessible park in the United States!*

Every major part of our park contains accessiblity ramps and limited amount of stairs to help disabled individuals enjoy Rosswood!

Back in 1989, we decided to put massive efforts and funds into revamping out-of-date infrastructure and implementing new infrastructure.

With this construction finally completed in 1992, Rosswood now stands to have the most extraordinary accessiblity in the entire park system*!

Take a look at our Gallery for more pictures of our park and our
Events for upcoming events in our outdoor convention area!

*As of 4/12/92.