Rosswood Park

Located in the beautiful Talladega Mountains of Alabama, USA, this gorgeous park is home to some of the prettiest trails and best campgrounds on the Eastern Coast!

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UPDATE 5/23/92 : Our visitor center has recieved a remodel!! Come take a look and meet our friendly staff! Follow map directions on trails and roads.

Rosswood Park is the best park in the local area of Talladega, Alabama, extending into the entire state of Alabama.

Here, you can find trails, campgrounds, gathering areas, and an outdoor stage for events.

At Rosswood, there is no shortage of fun things to do with family friends!

Here is our convention area!

Read here for the events currently happening!

Our events page is updated regularly!

Picture taken from the stunning Choctaw Mountain overlooking
Rosswood Park.

Rosswood Fun Facts!


Rosswood Park prides itself on being the MOST accessible park in the United States!*

For more information, please visit this webpage.

*As of 4/12/92.